Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size and weight of a 1.2 cubic metre pallet of Kiln Dried Firewood?

They are approximately a metre wide and 1.2 meters high and weight just under .500kg.

How many logs are in a pallet of Kiln Dried Firewood?

Approximately 400 logs.

How big are the logs?

The average length is 240mm long and about 150mm in diameter.

What sort of wood is used?

All of our Hardwood is mainly Beech, Oak or Ash and our Softwood is mainly Larch and Douglas Fir.

Species will vary depending on which Hardwood is going through our firewood processor at any one time.

What is kiln dried firewood?

It is firewood logs that have been dried in a kiln that is heated by a wood chip biomass boiler to bring the moisture content of the wood to below 20%.

Why buy kiln dried firewood?

By buying kiln dried firewood it makes it a more efficient and cleaner burning product to use on wood-burning stoves thus giving out more heat than wet wood and won’t produce corrosive smoke and tar that will damage the flue or cause a chimney fire.

What does Woodsure Ready to Burn mean?

woodsure ready to burnWood fuel shows the Woodsure Ready to Burn seal of quality assurance to give customers confidence that the fuel is safe, efficient, reliable and dry enough to burn immediately without the need for storing the wood for a long period of time. For further information please visit

Why don’t you sell seasonal firewood?

35%-45% of the weight of freshly felled wood is water and trying to burn it will produce steam rather than heat. “Seasoning” reduces the moisture content of the wood but it doesn’t dry enough to produce an efficient heat. As well as producing little heat, burning wood that has not been properly dried can result in tar deposits in the chimney and smoky, rather than clean burning fires.

How should kiln dried firewood be stored?

Kiln dried firewood can be stored outside, off the floor and completely covered as it has little moisture to lose.

Where does your wood come from?

All our wood is sourced from Well Managed Forest, mainly local to the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and in conjunction with the Forestry Commission. Main species of hardwood used is Oak, Beech and Ash from thinning of the plantations that will eventually produce mature trees in years to come.

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